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Bye Bear Week 2014!


Bear Week 2014 is officially over. I always enjoy Bear Week! Bears are wonderful animals. I feel like the more I look at them, and learn about them, the more I love them. :} 

Bye, Bear Week! Now to plan for Bear Week 2015. :P

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Today is the last day of Bear Week! Sadly, I won’t be able to post my bear kigurumi photoset until tomorrow. I had a family party to go to today for the holiday, so I didn’t have enough time to finish it. So that will be a late Bear Week post. Later tonight I will post The Bear Hall of Fame. As for now, I’m going to go watch Bears 2014! 
After The Surgery by Buck Shreck
Here is a preview of my bear kigurumi photoset! I will post the photoset by tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the last day of Bear Week, so if you did anything make sure you submit it to me or let me know in my ask. :} I will be posting The Bear Hall of Fame tomorrow to end Bear Week. Have a nice day!
Why Don’t Hibernating Bears get Osteoporosis?


"Bears have the right idea. Don’t fight the cold; just shut ‘er down for six months and emerge when it’s warmer. Why didn’t we think of that? For one thing, our bones would wither. We’d all get osteoporosis, a disease in which bones become more fragile. Bears don’t get osteoporosis, even though they hibernate for more than half the year in Alaska."

"Hibernating black and grizzly bears perform what seems like a miracle. They don’t lose bone mass during a half-year of inactivity, despite not eating, not moving much, not urinating or defecating, and, for mother bears, giving birth and nursing cubs."

"Donahue and his colleagues have studied hibernating bears and have found that bears don’t lose bone mass during hibernation. They somehow even seem to build stronger bones. “Bears are becoming less (prone to osteoporosis) during hibernation,” Donahue said. “Their bone mineral content is maintained during hibernation.” Not only that, unlike our bones, a bear’s bones get stronger and less porous as it gets older."

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Arctic visions by Marco Gaiotti
A Bears Reflections by Buck Shreck
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