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Grizzly bears use tools? WSU study under way

"In a first-ever study, researchers at Washington State University are examining whether grizzly bears make and use tools. And while it’s too soon to reach a broad scientific conclusion, at least one female bear is demonstrating that, yes, she definitely can."

"The study, being conducted at WSU’s Bear Research Education and Conservation Center, is documenting eight grizzlies faced with the challenge of getting their claws into a dangling food snack that’s too high to reach. No training is involved. The researchers are chronicling innate learning behavior."

"Here’s how the study works: Inside the grizzly bears’ play area, a donut is hung on a string from a wire, too high for the animals to reach. First, each bear is tested to see if it will stand on a sawed-off tree stump to reach up and get the donut down. Once this is mastered, researchers move the stump away from the hanging donut and place it on its side. Here’s where things get challenging. The bear must move the stump until it is positioned underneath the donut and then flip the stump over into a makeshift footstool."

"All of which Kio mastered early on: “She manipulates an inanimate object in several steps to help her achieve a goal, which in this case is to obtain food,” said Nelson. “This fits the definition of tool use.”"

"The other grizzlies are in the process of figuring out the feat, she explained, which confirms what the center’s scientists have long suspected about the keen brain power of bears. Frequently, Nelson and her colleagues witness grizzlies doing remarkable things, including using a single claw in a key-like manner to try to open locks."

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Bears Are So Silly When They Try To Act Like People

Riding in a taxi

Riding in a taxi

(my friend showed this to me for Bear Week, so I thought I’d also share it on my blog!)

Alaska black bear, cubs steal kids’ lunch boxes


"The bears wandered onto the school’s soccer fields Monday, soon after the campers ate lunch at picnic tables and left behind some snacks. The bears carried a few lunch boxes into the woods and dug in. The bears weren’t aggressive, and camp staff corralled the kids.



Stranded, awaiting for the sea ice. by Marco Gaiotti

Me too! :}

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